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Best Screen Recorder for Android Devices 2018 + Pros and Cons

2 Best Free Screen Recorder for Android Smartphone

Screen Recorder is a useful app for those aspiring Vlogger who wanted to record their screen probably for some interesting tutorials or gameplay of their favorite game and many other useful reasons that could also benefit other users.

The good thing about this two (2) best screen recorder is that you can really record easily without any problem, and yes this is the most top popular screen recorder that even pro Vloggers is using this app, and we will also discuss here what is the difference between the two screen recorder.

  1. AZ Screen Recorder – No Root
  2. DU Recorder – Screen Recorder, Video Editor, Live

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Those are the screen recorder that is totally free to install and you can enjoy unlimited recording all you want from whatever porpuses you are going to use these apps, so without any further explanation lets start identifying the difference between the two apps.

1. AZ Screen-Recorder – No Root

EZ Screen Recorder is one of our favorite and best recording app to our YouTube Channel which is also the first screen recorder we use when recording some gameplay of the game we use to play before we start doing some reviews, below are the pros and cons of this app.

EZ Screen Recorder PRO APK Download FREE

EZ Screen-Recorder PROS

  • Can add custom text for watermark
  • Can add a custom logo for watermark
  • Able to use full version by simply watching add for 24hrs full access
  • Able to stop/pause the recording by enabling a small red dot on the screen
  • Can set unlimited recording or time limit recording
  • Able to automatically save a recording to your laptop via Wifi Connection

EZ Screen-Recorder CONS

  • With Ads (although it’s not really annoying)
  • Cannot use front or back camera in Free version

So far that is what we observe on this app but we can tell you that even you are using free version of this app it’s worth and tested by us.

2. DU Recorder – Screen-Recorder, Video Editor, Live

DU Recorder is our second choice, we are not saying that even we listed this app in second lists it doesn’t mean this app is not useful. Well, believe or not there are some good features that the 1st mention app doesn’t have when we talk about the free version.

DU Recorder PRO APK Version Download FREE

DU-Recorder PROS

  • Can add custom text for watermark
  • Able to pause or resume recording using the bubble float
  • Able to automatically save a recording to your laptop via Wifi Connection
  • Can use Front or back camera in Free version
  • Able to do unlimited recording
  • Can manage and edit recorded videos
  • Draw or perform screenshot while recording using bubble float
  • Able to Live Stream via Facebook, YouTube etc using Bubble Float

DU-Recorder CONS

  • When using a watermark in the Free version, DU Recorder watermark is included below the video
  • Cannot use logo watermark when recording in a free version

So that’s it, overall the 2 apps is very useful even though there is the difference between the two when it comes to free version, you can get the Screen Recorder Pro APK version here to test the app and familiarize the free version, but if you want updated version you can install it on Google Play Store for free and yeah its worth spending your money.

If you have any suggestion’s or some feature’s that you want us to include here please leave a comment below, or if you want us to perform a test of two apps please leave a comment below and we will make a video of it on our youtube channel.

Download DU Recorder / EZ Screen Recorder APK (PRO Version)

Files here is safe to install and take note that AndroidCrawl is not own or hosted any APK file, we just post the file here for all the users that wanted to familiarize the PRO version so that they can test and decide to purchase the app, as we mention above te PRO APK version here is not always updated so we suggest you to install te FREE version for the latest version, and of-course if you like the app please purchased or upgrade it to Premium to fully access the full features.

File Name: AZ Screen Recorder – No Root | DU Recorder – Screen Recorder, Video Editor, Live
File Size: 7.8 MB | 7.9 MB
Offered by: Hecorat | Screen Recorder & Video Editor