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Best Backup Apps for Android – Multi-Tools for your Device (Rooted)

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Best Backup Apps for Android, with a multi functions which is one of the reason why this app become's the top and most popular apps for Android Devices.

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What are Best Backup Apps for Rooted Users?

Before we start discussing what is Best Backup Apps for Android, let’s consider this that every useful tool for Android have a free version and a paid version so if you cannot afford yet to purchase a pro version well we suggest you try out first the ROM Tool Box Lite and then decide whether you are going to purchase the ROM Toolbox Pro.

Now, if you are wondering why I am referring this ROM Toolbox app for android it’s because of its multi-useful functions that even advanced users love this app, it is being developed and offered by JRummy Apps, another popular app for backing up is Titanium Backup and there’s a lot more but we will focus first on this useful app that I mention above.

What can ROM Toolbox do?

best backup apps rom tool box pro

Basically, I can say that this is the all in one powerful tool that you can use especially for advanced users who know what is rooted, Stock ROM, Custom ROM, Tweaks etc.

Well if you are rooted this could mount or modify a system, edit build.prop, manage or backup ROM’s or firmware, backup apps, and many more.

List of Things that ROM Toolbox can do

  1. Install ROMS from your favourite devs and customizer of Stock ROM, even manage all your ROM’s so you can switch anytime you want.
  2. Create backup or restore the backup, as well as wipe your Data Cache, wipe dalvik-cache, and wipe battery stats, install ROM’s from your SD Card, although there is a huge usage of the storage, but this is not a problem because you can easily install different ROM’s anytime you want.
  3. Use as a “Root Explorer” – Well if you are advanced users make sure you know about this as what I have said above that this is all one one app, and yes you don’t need other Root Explorer app just simply use this RT and you have the power to browse the main files of the system, but take note that this is not for the newbie, please do research for those who is wondering what root explorer can do.
  4. Scripter & Terminal Emulator – This is common for those who love to modify on the system, and for those who have knowledge about how to run a script using the terminal emulator comes from this App for RT.
  5. Auto Start Manager – Do you have issues about some apps from your device that runs automatically from your device and even in a background that could always be the main cause of laggy or even fast draining of a battery then this app has also have that function to stop autostart or even disable the app easily.
  6. Rebooter – If you don’t want your power button to get damage in a long run which you will be use when rebooting your device is not easy because you need to turn it off then turn on again the device, with the help of rebooting function from RT you will have a less hustle about that.
  7. Font Installer – Yes, this is correct! even do nowadays some Android device has this functionality already but, if your device doesn’t have this kind of functionality and you have a font that you want to use for your device then this is for you.
  8. Boot Animation Installer – This is one of the main reason why rooted users love to flash or install custom firmware also known as Custom ROM, because of the custom animation, so, for example, you want the boot animation of CyanogenMod, and you only have a default boot animation of Samsung/Oppo/Huawei etc. then this toolbox well do it for you, but of course if you know how to manually flash or install custom boot animation then this is not for you, RT created this tool to make all things easy especially for beginners since this is a friendly user app.
  9. Theme Manager & Statusbar Icon Changer – For those who love to customize the looks of your status bar, default icons then this is for you, you can modify and change the settings icon etc.
  10. Boot Logo Changer – you can switch to another boot logo but this feature is for those supported models of Android Phone, you can try using this feature and give us a feedback using the comment below so we can update this post.
  11. Theme Chooser Themes – You can view a different design of themes from TMobile Theme choose, well if your  device is supported for themes like Oppo and Samsung then this might not be useful but again you can always use this if you discover more creative and nice look for your device.
  12. Set CPU – Well very easy logic here is that you can optimized your device to get more high performance but take note that this could also make your battery to much more faster battery drain but still high performance is expected, if you are okay with it then no problem if you just simply try how this features could benefit your end.
  13. Build.prop Editor – Here you can adjust some density, size, colors of the the system this will be the main function of the system, but make sure you perform a backup of the original file before going to use this feature to avoid unwanted damage from your device.
  14. Auto Memory Manager – If you know how to manage this one you can have a great factor that will improve the usage of your memory, this will be decreased and increased the usage of memory, but remember that you should be more careful when doing this because it could also lead to a force close that we don’t want to happen on our device.
  15. SD Booster – Another thing about this app is that it will boost your SD card from a normal rate of speed, this will improve the transfer rate or speed of copying a data or files.


Well, for more this is one of the best app for Rooted and especially for advanced users, because you have a less less installed of tool apps using this Room Toolbox but of-course with a multifunctional features that no need other 3rd party, I highly recommend this app, take note that to enjoy this app you must have a rooted privileges to fully explore the capabilities of this RT.

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For those who are looking for this Best Backup Apps and tools ROM tool Box Lite APK or ROM Toolbox Pro APK you can download it here, but take note that in-order to get and updated version of this app we suggest to install it from Google Play Store which we already link above, or purchased a PRO version which is only 309.00 php Philippine currency.

Take note that the file link here is not own or hosted by the Android Crawl so big credits to the owner, developer, and uploader, if you have any questions please leave a comment below, for those who asking about this app if this will be useful for non-rooted users, well the answer is YES! you can still use it but of course with limited function, so if you want to enjoy the full functionality of this app you can try rooting your device but make sure you know how root access privilege can do for your Android device, because it could lead you from a vulnerability of some data leaks etc.