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Benefits of Rooting Your Android Device and What is the Disadvantage

What is the Benefits of Rooting Your Android Device and the Disadvantage

What is Rooting?

Rooting is the process of accessing administrator privilege or root privilege on your Android Phone which helps to modify system partition of your phone. It is just like jail-breaking an iPhone but with much more control over your phone like tweaking, flashing custom ROM and installed permission required applications, after rooting you can access system files, delete them, modify them and do whatever you want. Instead of Company boot logo you can set your picture and much more.

Rooting Benefits?

  • You can delete, remove/freeze system bloatware apps using apps like Root Explorer, Root Browser, Titanium backup etc.
  • Install AdAway/AdFree to get rid of ads from your phone.
  • Tweak your Android to Optimize performance, Battery and stability.
  • Remove certain system restriction like converting external sd card to internal or enable usb-otg using custom kernels.
  • Backup your phone completely using TWRP, Titanium Backup, and helium apps.
  • Automate Everything Using apps like Tasker.
  • Flash Custom ROM, tweaks, edit build.prop in system directory.
  • Minimize apps usage that cause in fast draining of battery using Greenify and Greenify donation, you might also like to read the tips on How to take good care your Android Phones.
  • Add X-blast Tool, ROM ToolBox, Gravity Box and make status transparency and set background in settings, change boot animation’s.

Rooting Disadvantage

  • Warranty is now void, though some devices can be restored to 100% by flashing stock ROM.
  • Too much tweaking will turn your device in unstable functionality as well as frequent force closes and auto reboot.
  • May soft brick your device or worst will be hard brick that will turn your device to permanently damage.
  • Encountered System Bugs like data problem, camera error and bootloop.

So these are main advantages of rooting your Android phone stay tuned and subscribe to our blog for more awesome things you can do with your Smart Phone.