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Backup or Restore Android ROM Samsung Galaxy J5 via TWRP

How To Backup or Restore Samsung Galaxy J5 ROM using TWRP

Well one of the important things before you start flashing custom ROM, is to have a full backup of your existing and working “STOCK ROM”, this is after you root your device and flash the TWRP as a custom recovery, now we will going to give you the complete guide on “HOW TO BACKUP OR RESTORE ANDROID STOCK ROM”.

Backup ROM via TWRP step by step

Performing a backup are wise and practical tips for all users of Samsung Galaxy J5 who is planning to flash a custom ROM or tweaks for their android device, this is useful inorder for you to restore your working backup ROM just in case there is a problem occur during flashing process.

TWRP backup restore

This Process on Restoring or Backing up your Stock ROM or Android ROM is possible working to other android phones or device as long as you have TWRP custom recovery installed.


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  • Since you are already rooted (if not please read the steps above) and install twrp as custom recovery all we need to do is to navigate to custom recovery by switching off your device and then long press Volume Up + Power Key or Volume Up + Power + Home Key Button.
  • Other procedure on booting to custom recovery is to install Reboot Recovery (Note that this app is only working to rooted users).
  • Now you will see the TWRP GUI option menu, just simply Tap the BACKUP option make sure you have a large amount of storage or you can choose the SD card as a backup locations of Android ROM, just swipe the backup option to start the backing up process, do not interrupt the process until it’s done.
  • Backing up is now done! you can now reboot your device.

How To Restore Android ROM Backup for Samsung Galaxy J5

This is the process you need to perform when you have encountered some issues while flashing or tweaking your device, and make sure that you have locate the location of the full backup your perform.

  • Same Process to backup navigate or boot your Samsung Galaxy J5 to custom recovery (TWRP) and just simply tap the RESTORE option.
  • Select the option where you locate the backup and from there you will get the backup files, just select the files which has the biggest or large amoun of memories use or the latest backup files.
  • Then start swipe to begin the restore process.
  • Done, please leave a comment if you have any clarification regarding this post.