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Backup Android Data Game Progress Using Helium – App Sync and Backup

Backup Android Data Game Progress

Backup Android Data game progress data and play it to another device is now possible without rooting your android phone using only Helium App Sync and Backup, lots of users love playing games like candy crush, farm heroes saga and many more android games that is available in google play store. If your playing for example farm heroes saga and you need to reset your phone but you want to backup your progress game data and don’t know how to do it well you are in a right place because we will going to guide you on how to backup your data using a free app that will surely save your data and restore your game progress.

Before we proceed you need to download 2 files for PC and also for your android device below is the list of files you need to download before making any backup procedure;

  1. Download first the Helium – App Sync and Backup to your android device (click here) or just simple open your google play store and search for Helium app sync and backup and hit install.
  2. For your Windows PC or Laptop download Carbon Setup.msi (click here) and install it to your computer- This will let you enabled Helium backup and proceed to backup or restore.

There are premium version of Helium – App Sync and Backup that will let you backup your progress data by schedule or backup it to Cloud and restore it anytime as well as backing up to dropbox and google drive.

Now that you have all necessary files open your installed Helium – App Sync and Backup from your android device and in first glance of opening the application it will ask you to enable USB debugging this will just only for development but Helium needs this to make the backup or restore happen and connect the two app from PC and your android device.

How to enable USB debugging?

just simple go to your settings>About Device>Build number (tap the Build Number 5x to until you see the popup that says “you are now a developer” or “Developer mode has been enabled. then go back again to main menu of settings and you will now see the “Developer options” on the top of “About device”. Open Developer Options and hit the check box on the right side of the USB debugging, that’s it the USB debugging is now enabled. (see image below) just click next to see the next image.


  • Open Settings>About Us and tap 5x the Build number
  • Now if you go to main menu of settings on the top of about us you will see “developer options”
  • Open Developer options and check the checkbox right beside the USB debugging
  • and now your USB debugging is enabled go back to Helium open it and connect to PC
  • So after you enabled USB debugging go back to Helium – App Sync and Backup open it and then connect your device to your PC. (see step by step image)
  • You will see that Helium is asking you to connect your device to PC
  • This will be the GUI that you will see in your PC when you open Helium application on PC
  • After you enabled USB debugging and open helium app from your device and at the same time you open helium from PC then connect your device to PC you can now restore or backup progress data

How to Backup progress data?

So we will now going to Backup first your game progress data or any application you want to backup, as you can see in your Helium app in your android device there are two tab first tab is “Backup” and the second is “Restore and Sync”. So tap the Backup tab and then select application or games you want to backup and then tap the backup button and then you will see that you are going to select a backup destination just simple click internal storage. (schedule backup and cloud storage is only for Pro version so we are going to select internal).

How to Restore data progress?

so when you are trying to reset your device and want to install or restore your game progress (make sure that you already backup date see instruction above) open helium apps and tap the “Restore and Sync” and tap the Internal Storage (This is where we usually save the backup for free version if your save it in cloud storage tap it) then check the application you want to restore after that hit the RESTORE button.

After you restore your application then your progress game is now restored, thank yo for reading our blog, and we hope that this will help help you a lot. remember that you need not to root your device just simply follow that tutorial above then you are good to go, if you have any question’s just leave a comment below or contact us.