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Turn Your Android Phone as CCTV Camera

Use your Android Phone and Turn as CCTV Camera

Do you want a CCTV camera but don’t have money to buy it? No problem because now you can have it using only your Android Mobile Smartphone with the help of such a good application in google play store, it is called “IP Webcam” that is free to download in google play store, so here are the things you need before anything else;

  1. Your Android Smartphone
  2. IP WebCam Application (Free Download from Google Play Store)
  3. A Computer or laptop and Web Browser (To view camera from mobile)
  4. Router/WiFi (So it must be the same connection in PC and your android phone)
Your Android Smartphone – We need this to use as a camera or a CCTV that will then see in your laptop or PC by the use of IP WebCam Develop by Pavel KHlebovich, there is a lot of web application similar to this but this is one of the application that I am using it has a free version and also there is a pro version of IP WebCam to experience the full function but free version, for now is fine.

IP WebCam Application – So what is ip webcam, of-course this will turns your phone into a network camera with multiple viewing options. View your camera on any platform with VLC player or web browser. Stream video inside WiFi network without internet access. For more details about this application you can google this.

A Computer or laptop and Web Browser – We need a computer or laptop and also web browser like google chrome to view the video on what is your android phone is viewing.

Router/WiFi – So we need this for viewing the site, I don’t know if it works in adhoc wifi connection but I think it may work’s as long as the two device is connected on the same network, take NOTE that this is working without internet connection of your router.


Now that you have all the requirements, we are going to start first on our mobile by installing the application (IP WebCam) and then after that open the IP WebCam Application from your android phone and scroll down at the bottom (I assume that you already connected to a wifi or a router make sure that your pc or laptop is connected also on the same network) and click Start Server that you can see in the image below;

Click Start Server

After you click start server the camera will start and then you will notice the IP address ( below the screen,

IP Address Displayed


Now go to your PC and input the IP Address that you see in your IP WebCam (NOTE: The IP is different on you IP WebCam so in our case is the IP Address, so we are going to open the browser in our computer or laptop make sure that your computer or laptop is connected to the same Network or WiFi. Open the browser and input the IP address like the image below;


After you are inputting the IP hit enter and you will see that there is an option for Webcam IP, it is because PC and your mobile is connected on the same network or wifi, it will never be working if you are not going to click the “Start Server” in IP Webcam option from your android phone after you open IP Webcam app so make sure you start it, after that click Browser Tab (see image below);


Click browser tab

You will now see on what is your android phone is displaying,

Android Phone displaying record


You can also record it by click the red circle button under “Recorder Control” Input first the name of your recording file (Ex. January 09, 2016 Records). And then hit the 2nd red video button(see image below).

enter record name

Hit Record



After that you will see that it starts recording(Note the Record is save in you android phone where you installed the IP Webcam Application).

Record Start


That’s it! you are now know how to make your Android phone a CCTV Camera with the help of IP WebCam application. It is very easy and less expense if you are planning to have a CCTV use this I am sure that this will help you a lot.

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