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How to Access PC or Laptop Using Android Phone via Google Remote Desktop

Access Your PC or LAPTOP using Only Android Phone

I am writing this in behalf of google that originally have the application that we are going to tackle about and we are sharing this to all who want to learn how to access your Personal Computer (PC) or Laptop using your android mobile (Android Smartphone) click here to see video.

First we are going to setup in PC or Laptop and then in your mobile android smartphone, so here is the things to consider;

  1. Chrome Remote Desktop (We assume you have already a google chrome browser installed.
  2. Router (WiFi) that your Personal Computer/Laptop and your Android Phone is Connected in order to make the remote desktop effect (In this case we are using Globe Home BroadBand to connect those devices).
  3. Laptop/Personal Computer and Android Smartphone of course :).

So that’s It! you are ready to start the steps below, as you can see we are opening the Google Chrome Browser, and on the top right of the image click the icon and then click settings.

After clicking the settings, you are going to be redirected to a new page that can be seen below, and then on the left side, there is a tab option History, Extensions, Settings and about. Now click the tab extensions that is encircled on figure 1.1, after that new page will be displayed.

Now you can see all the extensions that already installed in your Google Chrome Browser, if you have many extensions installed scroll it down to the bottom and then hit that word (Get more extensions).

After clicking you are going to see the page, type on search bar on the top left side and search for google remote desktop and on the center you will see the list of extensions now click “ADD TO CHROME” see the color blue button that is encircled in the image below.

After that you will be prompted if you want to add the app or not, of course we will be going to click add.

Wait until the Chrome Remote Desktop is successfully added to your desktop (see image below)

After Downloading you can see the Chrome Remote Desktop in your Task Bar and in your Desktop.

Now you have Chrome Remote Desktop, Open that and you’re ready to set it up.

If you want to Share it PC to PC or PC to Laptop click Get Started on Remote Assistance area, and of course we are going to access android smartphone to Personal Computer(PC) or Laptop Click Get Started button in My Computers area.

After you click the Get started button in My Computer Area, you will see the image below and click ‘enable remote connection’.

Now you will need to setup a PIN in order to secure that there is no one would access your remote connection only the person who want you to access of it or you are only one to access it via your android smartphone.

After Setting up your PIN click ok and then wait of it until it shows “Remote Connection for this computer have been enabled”.

And now you are done setting up Chrome Remote Desktop in your PC or Laptop, next is to set-up your android smartphone.

Setting Up Remote Desktop App in your Android Smartphone

After you added Chrome Remote Desktop in your Personal Computer or PC, we are now going to setup your android smartphone to access your PC or laptop (We Assume that you already added or configured Chrome Remote Desktop if not then you can read it back from the start). Click Here to see video.

Now get your android mobile phone (We are using Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime on this tutorial).

Here are the things you need before setting up Chrome Remote Desktop in your Android Smarphone;

  1. Internet Connection that is connected also to the PC you are going to access (Note: Read the instruction above to setup Chrome Remote Desktop).
  2. Android Smartphone 🙂

So here we go! first you are going to open Google Play Store (must have a gmail account),


After that Search for “google remote desktop”. And then install it.

After Installing Open Chrome Remote Desktop (See Image below). As you can see there is is already list of PC listed below, the user-PC is enabled because we already setup it in computer and enabled remote desktop. The other PC called MAZUYAN-PC is currently disabled it is because in our case we disabled Chrome Remote Desktop only user-PC is enabled. Click user-PC.

After Clicking the user-PC listed in Chrome Remote Desktop of your Android Mobile Smartphone the authentication will be prompted and asking the PIN that your setting-up earlier in your PC or Laptop, now input it.

After inputting PIN you can now view what is displaying on desktop, awesome! It is useful when you are out in your house to have chat with your friends and it the same time you are accessing your desktop, Cool right! Share this post to other’s we are gladly know that you gain knowledge for this simple but very useful trick of google chrome remote desktop.

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