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About Us – Android Crawl

Android Crawl is a place where you can get information for Android devices in which you get fruitful information such as how to fix your android device, what is best apps and we will also provide you a complete guide on how to recover your phone from soft brick or some other issues, we will also provide here a tutorial on how to flash or root your Android device.

This blog is intended for users that looking for help or even looking for tricks and tips on how they can improve their android device, some theme have already knowledge how to do it and might need also our help, but if any procedures that might happen to your device, like for example you are wanting to flash a Custom ROM or Root your device then AndroidCrawl.com is not responsible for any circumstances, but we will do our best to make our procedure on flashing ROM or Firmware correctly but let us tell you honestly that ROOTING your Android device will seriously void your warranty.

About Android Crawl Blog Owner

Riza Mayumi Acas

Hi! My name is Riza Mayumi C. Acas – Granse, We are the owner of Androidcrawl Blog with by husband Bryan, and I would like to express my biggest Thanks to all the visitors and readers of our blog,  I am a College Graduate with a Degree of Bachelor of Science and Information Technology from Davao del Norte State College, Panabo City, Davao del Norte.

I have experience working office base for 3 years as an IT Staff and Marketing Staff, but then I recently start working Online as a WordPress Developer where I prefer to work, I begun to start developing website since I am in college, develop E-commerce website, Agency, Landing Pages and many more.

Now I know that blogging is very popular nowadays and I am a type of person who loves the latest Technology such as latest Android Phones, most preferred Brand is Samsung Galaxy since its much more affordable than iPhone, then I started to explore my Android Phone from Installing Android Apps, Android Games, then start experimenting from Rooting my Android Phone, and do some tweaks as well as installing or flashing CUSTOM ROM, this is the reason why I decided to write all the things that  I know it will help a lot to other user’s who are also wondering how to improve their android device.

I hope that AndroidCrawl.com help you, and if you find this Blog interesting don’t forget to help us improve and share it with your friends or any person you know that it might help them as well, I will create more post and if you have some questions or clarification about my blog post, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or you can also directly email me at info[at]androidcrawl.com.

This Blog (AndroidCrawl.com) will update if I have time since I am doing this if I have time because I am currently working full time so I will try my best to get the latest post or update my old blog post to improve more, if you want to request some tutorial please refer from the menu above this blog and click Contact US.

Bryan Ganzon Granse

What’s up guys, my name is Bryan G. Granse, blogger and developer/designer and also an IT graduate who love to explore some interesting things, currently I am working as a WordPress developer, but making my knowledge to expand more by doing some self-study about developing android apps, I love also writing some interesting and cool stuff, such as Android App Reviews, Android Game Reviews, making some tutorials on how to root or flash custom ROM or Stock ROM, Riza (My wife) and I collaborate on how this blog ANDROID CRAWL become bigger in the future, we most likely aiming to become popular in the future, we want this blog to be known Worldwide hopefully, we have very few updates because of our work schedule but we are trying to update and create the latest blog post for all our readers, again thank you for visiting here and we are grateful if you come back next time, don’t forget to share this blog if you find this interesting and useful and bookmark s as well, cheers!

The author of this blog is always making interesting blog post to entertain readers, so if you wish to submit your own blog post here we will accept it but we will in need to review it first if your blog post is related to our post and not violated of infringement, we only accept good quality of content that is original and created by you, and also if you have queries regarding of our blog post please don’t hesitate to contact us, before you proceed you might need to read the post below.

We are delighted that you came to visit Android Crawl if you have Follow-up Question about us you can also directly email the author at info[at]androidcrawl.com, and for all the users and visitors we have also listed an important information that might help you.

Please don’t forget to help us improve our blog by simply share this to any social media if you want or even leave a comment if there is some of our blog post lack of information, we will do our best to fix it.